Publications 2000

Scientific papers in peer review Journals

  1. The EPICure Study: Outcomes to Discharge from Hospital for Infants Born at the Threshold of Viability.  Kate Costeloe, Enid Hennessy, Alan T Gibson, Neil Marlow, and Andrew Wilkinson, for the EPICure Study Group. Pediatrics, Vol 106, No 4, October 2000, p. 659-671
  2. Neurologic and Developmental Disability After Extremely Preterm Birth. EPICure study group. Nicholas S Wood, Neil Marlow, Kate Costeloe, Alan T Gibson, and Andrew R Wilkinson, for the EPICure Study Group. The New England Journal of Medicine 2000 Vol 343(6) p.378-384

Editorials, commentaries and contributions to the international scientific press

  1. Extremely Preterm Birth – Defining the Limits of Hope.  Editorial comment, The New England Journal of Medicine, Vol 343, No 6, p.429-430
  2. Premature babies have high death and disability rate.  Comment BMJ Vol 321, p.467, 19-26 August 2000
  3. Survie et handicap après naissance avant 26 semaines de gestation by Marlow,N. Laugier J, Lejeune C, Moriette G, Vert P (eds).  Progrès en Néonatologie 20.  Paris: Société Française de Néonatologie. 2000; pp197-206