December 2014

New editorial on outcomes of extreme prematurity by Professor Neil Marlow in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

December 2013

With the launch of EPICure@19 study two EPICure publications appear at the end of the year in high impact medical journals.

December 2012

The much awaited data from the EPICure2 study and the comparison with the EPICure1995 study are finally in press in the prestigious British Medical Journal.

Please also find new sections added to the Pubblications page that include documents relevant to the study participants.The EPICure@16 documents include downloadable version of the questionnaires, consent forms and patient information leaflets that we sent out to the EPICure1995 group and the controls.

Parent communications contains information relevant to the families of the study participants including recent press releases.

March 2011

Please visit our recently updated publications section with links to the most recent scientific papers with findings from the EPICure1 and EPICure2 studies.

As in previous years, the EPICure investigators team will also present and discuss findings from the EPICure studies at national and international paediatric meetings such as the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Annual Conference in Warwick on April 2011 and the Pediatric Societies Meeting in Denver USA in April/May 2011.