Read Melaine’s inspiring story in the words of her mum May.melaniemacpremphoto.jpg

Melaine was born at 25 weeks weighing just 1lb 12oz. She was born in 1995 at the Queenmothers Hospital in Glasgow. There have been a lot of great times as well as a lot of difficult times over the past 16 years, for both the family & for Melaine. But all the hard work has been worth while. Melaine has coped tremendously well & is a credit to her family.

When Melaine was born I was told she had a 20% chance of survival, it was the worst time of my life. When she was only 1 month old & weighing just under 2lb Melaine had an operation on her heart to close the duct. When she was 3 months old, she had an operation on her eyes to stop the bleeding vessels, without this she may not have had any vision to this day. She has worn glasses since she was 4 ½ years old but has just recently starting wearing contact lenses, much to her delight - she is quite the young lady now.txtbox.jpg

Throughout her period in hospital, Melaine had many blood transfusions - I have never been so grateful to all blood donors & still give blood to this day because of this.

She was in hospital for 6 months before she was strong enough to come home. Even once she was home Melaine was on home oxygen & had a feeding tube, until she was 3 ½ years old.

When she was 4 years old Melaine needed further surgery. This time in her ears as her hearing was poor. She had to wear a hearing aid until she was 11 but has no trouble with her hearing at all now.

As with most prem babies, Melaine has problems with her lungs as they had not developed properly before she was born. Because of this she takes inhalers daily & has regular check ups. This does not hold Melaine back, she has a very active lifestyle & takes everything in her stride. She is a very happy young woman & lives life to the full.

Melaine is now in 6th year of High School & is hoping to attend the local college next year to study for a career in childcare. She is a very patient & loving person with an amazing personality so is very well suited to this career choice. She has a fantastic future ahead of her.