From the EPICure2 study, this is five year old Jocelyn born on September 4th 2006 at 26 weeks and weighing 1lb13oz. In the words of her mum and dad…

Jocelyn Jade Church


Jocelyn lives in Hertfordshire with her Mum, Dad and pet Chihuahua's Roo & Lola.

Jocelyn has been added to the Gifted & Talented register for her reading ability. Which is above average for her age.

Jocelyn's nursery teacher approached me half way through her nursery year to say that Jocelyn had been sounding out words and that she would benefit from starting to learn some key words. We started practising these at home and realised that she was picking them up very quickly. Right from an early age she had always been interested in what particular words said and meant.

Jocelyn loves reading. Her favourite books are about the Disney Princesses but she really will sit down and read anything. She has so many books.

From an early age we have always read to Jocelyn. She loves to cuddle up with you and read a book or comic. We have always made sure that she finds reading enjoyable by letting her choose what the story will be and we discuss the story throughout and afterwards as well. Jocelyn will always ask questions to make sure she fully understands what the story is about.

Friends and family are always interested in hearing her read to them and continue to tell her how well she is doing. Her nursery teachers sent home some reading material to help with her progress and we kept each other up to date on how well she was doing.
We have to work very hard on Jocelyn's core strength so we actively encourage her dancing she loves ballet lessons and street dance classes.
Jocelyn has grown and developed into a very loving child who is also very bright and when she is faced with a challenge due to her lack of core strength she always works hard until she has managed to tackle the task.

She is a very special little girl and it is a privilege to be her parents.