Tiny Felix was 17 weeks premature, but he fought to survive. Read his poignant story as told by his mother Cathy….

Felix was born at 23 weeks at Lewisham FHbabydadweb.jpgHospital London, on January 29th 2006 at 3.20 pm, weighing at just 1lb 5 ounces. I remember the consultant coming over to me and saying: “We are going to try our best with him because he seems to be trying his best”.

He was quickly transferred to St Thomas Hospital London because of no available cots. So another hurdle for him was to survive being driven across town through London traffic but at least it was a Sunday .

Every day for weeks I thought: “This is the day he dies”, but he has just turned 7.FHbirthday1web.jpg

He was ventilated for 7 weeks. I lost count of the number of blood transfusions, then he had surgery for Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) and now wears glasses. Felix also needs to patch one eye for few hours every day to make it stronger and he is currently waiting for a date to have grommets inserted because of glue ear but don’t think this is because of his prematurity. Other than the above he is a healthy beautiful boy, the star of our family.

Felix lives in New Eltham in London with me his mum, his dad, and his 2 year old brother Finley whom he adores. He goes to an Infant school and is doing great. Above average in his maths and reading.

He loves music and has been taking Tap and jazz lessons for the past 2 years. He has drumming lessons, piano lessons and swimming lessons which he all loves.

‘So as you can see miracles do come true.’