Ewanbabylegend.jpgHere is in the words of his parents the inspirational story of the first 19 years of Ewan’s life…

 Ewan was born 15 weeks early on the 3rd of June 1995 and suffered a major brain haemorrhage when he was 2 days old, he was not expected to survive but if he did, it was not expected to be without significant disabilities.

Ewan did survive and apart from spending more time on the ventilator in hospital than we would have liked, he came home with his parents to join his 2 older brothers after 4 testing months. The brain haemorrhage left him with cerebral palsy which affects his mobility to some extent but not his attitude or outlook on life.

Over the years he has undergone some surgery to help with his mobility, some of it was quite major but he approached the whole process with his characteristic positivity and recovered quickly benefiting from the outcome.

He started taking driving lessons when he was 16 and passed his test just after his 17th birthday.

He attended main stream school and is now studying music at college in Aberdeen, a return journey of around 50 miles which he drives himself.  His primary subject is composition and his main instrument is cello. He has played in several orchestras and has his own business where he offers his services as a cellist for weddings etc.

Throughout his life he has been a tireless fund raiser for the Friends of the Special Nursery, the charity which supports the Neo Natal Unit he was born in. In August 2013 as part of his Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award he arranged and led a sponsored walk to the summit of Ben Nevis which he achieved under his own steam in just 4hrs 45mins.Ewan is a remarkable and inspirational young man who regularly addresses clubs and organisations where he talks about his attitude towards life and how he tackles the personal challenges he faces.  

In recognition of his contribution to the community he lives in, he has Ewancellolegend.jpgbeen selected to be one of the Queens Baton Bearers at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

We his parents are so very proud of everything he has achieved to date and look forward with confidence to an amazing life.

PS Ewan’s big brother Greig is now also the father of a 15 week premature baby daughter. Amie weighed only 1lb 3oz when she was born just over a year ago, she is coming on nicely and we have high hopes for her as well.