EPICure2 update

Exciting news about the EPICure2 (2006) study.

The EPICure team have secured funding from the Medical Research Council, the UK leading research funding body, to carry out a second follow up study involving the EPICure 2006 children. This new phase has been called EPICure2@11 because most of the original participants will be 11 years old in 2017 when the study will take place.

The EPICure2 study was a major undertaking as the numbers of children born before 27 weeks of gestation in 2006 had increased dramatically and it would be very difficult to see everyone again.  We have agreed to see face to face children who were born in London and in the Midlands/Yorkshire in the first instance, and to make the study easier for families we can do much of the assessment, with your permission of course, at school. Obviously this will disappoint many of you who have kept in touch with us over the past 10 years, and we do apologise for this.

However this means that the EPICure team will do all the travelling to see the children in their schools. The EPICure2@11 assessments should be a fun and interesting experience for all involved and will provide valuable information relevant to anybody who has been affected by prematurity. We will have two EPICure teams who will be based at University College London and the University of Leicester, respectively, to minimise their travelling.

We will post findings from the study on our website and send out newsletters as we progress so everyone can follow the progress of this study. You can also follow us on Facebook.

All of our studies can only be possible thanks to the loyalty and dedication of you the study participants and we thank you all in advance for your continued involvement and support.