A handful of life: short excerpt from ARTE documentary on extremely preterm babies

We are delighted to be able to bring you a short excerpt from the feature documentary A handful of life ( Eine handvoll Leben in German) that was filmed for German/French channel ARTE. The documentary looks at early medical intervantions on premature babies in different countries, including Germany, France, China, Japan and the UK.

The documentry premiered in Munich in August 2014 and then aired on French/German television on 12 September 2014. In agreement with the producer Antje Christ who owns the international copyrights to the documentary we are able to share with you a short version edited especially for us that includes the segment filmed in the UK.

Featured are our study lead Professor Neil Marlow and EPICure@19 study participant Megan Turner with her mum Diane who were filmed at the time of the assessment. We sincerely thank Megan and Diane for their patience and professionality during filming and Antje and her wonderful film crew for such an excellent informative documentary. 

ARTE Documentary