EPICure2 study page

The collection of data for EPICure 2 was from January to December 2006.  We collected information about the birth and newborn course for all babies born between 22 and 26 weeks of gestation (i.e. all babies born up to and including 26 weeks and 6 days of gestation).

The Medical Research Council funded the whole study

The Perinatal Study was coordinated form the Homerton Hospital by Professor Kate Costeloe, helped by a team comprising:

  • Kerry Montoute, Research manager
  • Fiona Stacey, Research nurse
  • Beth Rushmer, Research midwife
  • Rachel Lee, Research assistant
  • Catherine Kelly, Secretary
  • Enid Hennessy, Statistician
  • Jonathan Myles, Statistician

In this study we also worked closely with Professor Elizabeth Draper and her team including Martin Perkins (Database) and Helen Holden (Data entry) from the University of Leicester, who coordinated the information from the delivery room in partnership with CEMACH and ran a major survey of the resources in England that provided neonatal care.

The other members of the Perinatal group who designed and supervised the study were Zarko Alfirevic, Alan Gibson, Shona Golightly (CEMACH), Alison Miller, Helen Porter, Mike Webb, Andrew Wilkinson

3 year study

This was led by Professor Neil Marlow, initially from the University of Nottingham and then from University College London.  The study manager who coordinated the EPICure 2 was Heather Palmer.  The team who designed the study also included Dr Samantha Johnson (Research Psychologist)

Dr Tamanna Moore (EPICure research fellow)

Philippa Chisholm (EPICure research fellow)

Assessment team: Haytham Ali, Katie Banerjee, Jackie Birch, Richard Cooke, Pat Dulson, Sandeep Dharmaraj, Tony Hart, Charlotte Huddy, Angela Huertas, Anoo Jain, Sam Johnson, Julia Lilley, Caroline McFerran, Katherine Martin, Robin Miralles, Vijay Palanivel, Sarah Skinner, Aung Soe, and Nick Wood.

Statistics: Enid Hennessy

MRC EPICure Steering group: Prof. Peter Brocklehurst (chair), Prof. Richard Cooke, Prof. Andy Bush, Dr Maggie Redshaw, Prof Kate Costeloe, Prof. Janet Stocks, Dr Samantha Johnson, Prof. David Taylor, Prof. Elizabeth Draper, Enid Hennessy, Dr Richard Morton, Dr Noreen Maconochie, Jane Abbott (Bliss), Dr Tamanna Moore, David and Alison Matthews, Nigel and Dianne Turner