Meet the Team

The biggest contributors to the EPICure study are the paediatricians and neonatal nurses from all the maternity units in the UK and Ireland who contributed to the original data collection and made the whole thing possible and of course the parents and children who have taken part in the childhood studies, giving freely of their time, to help us collect this important information. 

Three principal investigators have been responsible for directing EPICure from its inception - Kate CosteloeAlan Gibson and Neil Marlow. For each phase of the study they have been joined by an steering group, to supervise the project, and a group of doctors and psychologists who have helped to do the assessments, listed on the EPICure study page.

The 10-11 year assessment of EPICure and EPICure2 was funded by the Medical Research Council.  The co-investigators for this study were Neil Marlow, Kate Costeloe, Janet Stocks, Elizabeth Draper and Enid Hennessy.  The Steering Group and other collaborators are listed on the EPICure2 study page.