Memory and learning tests

This section is organized as a series of tasks that are similar to the kinds of activities children usually do at school. Puzzles_legend_verticalstack.jpg

The tasks take different lengths of time but all focus on skills that are important for learning, such as problem solving, memory, attention. Some of the tasks also focus on reading and solving simple mathematical problems. Some tasks use paper and pencil and others may be done on a computer. All the tasks are appropriate for 11 year olds and have been used in many studies like EPICure 2@11 before. We also ask the children taking part to complete some questions about their well being and how they feel about school.

Separately, we will send parents and teachers a questionnaire that asks how each child is doing at school and at home and about their behaviour and feelings. Some of these may be done on line or over the phone if preferred.

If for any reason we cannot make the necessary arrangements with the school, our researchers are happy to come and carry out the same assessments at home.