Emotions and Mental Health

 Previous research has shown that extremely premature children may be particularly vulnerable to difficulties with their emotions and mental health. Part of the EPICure2@11 study will look at this in more detail using an additional questionnaire conducted after the school-based assessments. This questionnaire is called the Development and Well-Being Assessment (DAWBA) and is completed by the child’s parent/guardian. It can be completed online or over the telephone with one of our researchers.

 The DAWBA is an integral part of the EPICure2@11 study and will help us gain a better understanding of premature children’s emotions, social skills and well-being compared to those of their peers born at term, helping us better understand what life is like for young people born prematurely. This information will help us plan for the future to ensure that young people born extremely prematurely, and their families, have the right kind of support available in the long term.Jen.Larsen.jpg

 If you have any questions about the DAWBA or want any further information about this part of the study then please contact Dr Jen Larsen (member of the EPICure2@11 team) on 07769 846584.