What will happen?

All the EPICure young people should have by now received an invitation to come and see us in London for a slightly different process to that we have run before.  We need to do this in London at one point, as much of the equipment we are using cannot be easily moved.  None the less if travelling to London is not possible we can try to come to see you, but that will be later on in the year.

So we can fit the study in we have decided to split it over two days and will arrange for you to stay in a nice hotel here in central London – we are situated very close to Euston Station and it is only a short walk into the centre of London or a couple of stops on the Tube.  We have are happy if you want to bring someone with you – family or friend – and cover all expenses.  At the end of the session we will give you £100 vouchers to compensate for your time and say thank you.

The whole experience is covered in a short video you can watch or download from here.  In particular people sometimes get anxious about having an MRI scan, which we are also inviting you to have, so we have expanded our explanation of how it is done in another short video just about MRI scans here.

As always if there is something or part of the assessment you feel uncomfortable doing we can skip it. When you come down we will explain in more detail what our plan is and give you a choice before we start anything.