The tests we would like to do

We will start on day 1 with a series of tests of thinking and problem solving and also questions about your feelings, moods, and emotions.

One of the doctors will then show you how to wear the two small devices we would you like you to wear overnight. One of the devices is a cuff that will be strapped on your left arm and will gently inflate at regular intervals to measure your blood pressure. The other device will monitor your breathing while you sleep. Both are rather small and you will hardly notice them after a while.

The next test will allow us to visualise your brain using magnetic resonance – the MRI scan. At the end of the test you can request an image of your brain if you would like to see it. Because this is an usual test we have a short video of what it is like to have one at the bottom of this page or you can download it to your computer here.

Day 1 ends with a few more problem solving tasks. We expect you will be free for the evening from 18:30 at the latest. We will just ask you to wear the small device as explained above when you are sleeping.

Day 2 requires an early 08:00 am start and no breakfast before you start. We will have breakfast little later on at the clinical research unit.

We will then ask you a few questions about your life style and your plans for the future.

This will be followed by a series of medical tests to measure your breathing at rest and after a little exercise (not too much, promise) and some tests of your heart and blood vessels.  These are similar to the ones we did at 11 years There will also be an eye test using the latest imaging technology we will be able to obtain a very detailed 3D image of the retina at the back of your eye. All we ask you to do is not to blink for a few seconds.

After lunch at the clinical research facility you may be headed for some temperature and sensitivity testing or for another MRI session that this involves solving some simple tests whilst we image your brain.

With this final session we will have reached the end of the study. Before we hand you the £100 voucher we will ask you to complete a very quick one page feedback form to tell us of your experience with us!

Thank you in advance to all of you who have responded and we look very much forward to seeing you soon.

Having an MRI scan