EPICure@19 is the next phase of our story.  Entering young adult life is a time a great changes for families and we want to know how the EPICure young people are getting on as the next adventure begins. This assessment is the fourth in our study so far – following on from the first one at 2½ years, the second at 6 years and the last big assessment at 11.

We are doing this because the information we have so far has been so important in telling us about growing up after begin born very prematurely; we use this information to help us understand what new treatments are needed and helps us understand what help and support newborn babies and their families need after birth and as they grow up.

We also have included a group of individuals born at full term (our comparison group) so we can understand what are the strengths and weaknesses of development after premature birth.  This group is really important to us and we are very grateful for them continuing to support this study.

On these next pages you will find much more information about the process and what we are proposing and we have also prepared a short video of the experience so participants can understand some of what we are inviting them to do.

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What will happen?

The plan of the two days

The tests we would like to do

The study team

A big thanks to everyone who has already responded!  We will book the dates as soon as we can.

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