Photo courtesy of UCL image bank

When young people turn 16 we can ask them for permission to contact them and ask about research studies without asking their parents.  Sixteen is also an important time at school with exam results and decisions about what to do next.

We decided therefore to ask all of the EPICure children for permission to contact them personally for the next studies.  We do this through their parents initially as this is what we have always done in the past.

Of course we couldn’t resist asking for a little information about how they were getting on at school and themselves generally.  This is all underway at the moment – we have already heard from over half the young EPICureans and from about half of their classmates!

When we have all of the information in (we know that for some exam results will be next year) we will write this up as we have all of the other studies.

If you want to send the forms in but have lost them – please  drop us an email (epicure@ucl.ac.uk) or download them from here