Planning Services & Telling People

Planning Services

We are encouraged by these results because many people had said that the outcome following preterm birth was not going to be as good as we found. However there is still a high risk of disability.

The results help us to understand the problems of prematurity and guide us when following up these children as they become older. They also give us a baseline from which we can assess how the long term outcome changes with new types of care or treatment.

They also give us important information to use to give to parents facing a preterm delivery. Although the information relates to the care available in 1995, the information is still very useful as, although survival has increased in most hospitals, the longer term problems seem to be just as common.

Telling People about the Study

Invited and submitted presentations have been made all over the UK and in many countries across the world, as interest in the study has been great. The study findings have been reported in many newspapers and on national news live and on-line. Further details are in our publication list. 

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