The Researchers

The principal researchers for the third study were Professor Neil Marlow and Professor Dieter Wolke.

Assessment Team

Paediatrician Area Psychologist Area
Dr. Melanie Bracewell EPICure Research Fellow Midlands, South & Ireland Ms Catherine Bamford EPICure Research Fellow Midlands, South & Ireland
Dr. Michele Cruwys London Ms Helen Betteridge North & Midlands
Dr. Orla Flanagan North West Ms Hanna Bruhn Scotland
Dr. Ruth MacGregor South West Mrs Sandra Johnson South West
Dr. Lesley McDonald Scotland Ms Emma Luck Midlands & South
Dr. Margaret Morris North West Ms Iliana Magiati London
Dr. Margaret Morton London Ms Maria Morahan North West
Dr. Sue Thomas North East Ms Isabel Tsverik North & Midlands


Parents and teachers also contributed to the picture of how well the children were doing. All parents were asked to complete two questionnaires, one about their child's health and behaviour and another about their family life. We also asked the child's teacher to complete a questionnaire to give us information of how they thought the child was settling at school.