Who was involved?

Neil Marlow Professor of Neonatal Medicine & Principal Investigator
Heather Palmer EPICure Project Manager
Janet Stocks Professor of Respiratory Physiology
Enid Hennessy Statistician
Dieter Wolke Professor of Developmental Psychology and Individual Differences
Christopher Hollis Professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry


The Assessment Team

One of the doctors and one of the psychologists shown below carried out the assessments in the 10 year follow up study.

Doctors   Area
Dr Joe Fawke EPICure Clinical Research Fellow UK & Ireland
Dr Sue Thomas Clinical Research Fellow North
Dr Vicky Rowell Clinical Research Fellow London
Dr Sam Johnson Research Fellow UK & Ireland
Miss Becky Smith Research Psychologist South
Miss Rebecca Trikic Research Psychologist North & Midlands


Other Specialists

We were also be helped by some other specialists who are helping us analyse all the data we collected.

Lung Specialists   Area
Dr Sooky Lum Senior Research Fellow London
Dr Ah Fong Hoo Clinical Nurse Specialist London
Dr Jane Kirkby Respiratory Physiologist London
Dr Liam Welsh Respiratory Physiologist London
Dr Hugh Montgomery Geneticist London
Dr Christina Hubbart Geneticist London