The 11 Year Assessments

Like the assessments at 6 years old, the 11 year assessments were carried out by a paediatrician and a psychologist and were completed in the summer 2007.

The assessment was presented as a series of activities, games, and puzzles much like the kinds of tasks children do in the classroom. (The assessments didn't involve anything that hurt.) The children were free to leave at any point if they wished to do so before the end of the assessment.

Paediatric Assessment

  • Some tests of fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination (for example copying pictures or making shapes with the hand.

  • A medical examination including how the arms & legs moved, eyesight, hearing, height, weight, head size and blood pressure.

  • Breathing tests that involved blowing into a tube and playing some computer games. Two puffs of a blue inhaler (salbutamol) were given to find out if the child had asthma type problems. This inhaler is very safe and does not smell or taste unpleasant.

Educational Assessment

  • Some questions and activities that assessed memory, thinking, reasoning skills and the ability to solve new problems. 

  • A test of skills in reading and maths

All this information was supported by:

  1. A questionnaire filled in by the parents about their child and family.

  2. A questionnaire filled in by the teachers about progress in school.

  3. A questionnaire filled in by the children (with parents help if they wished) about themselves and their bodies.

Telephone Interview

After the assessment we contacted the parents by telephone at a convenient time to complete a telephone interview called a Disability and Well Being Assessment. This interview had been tested on several thousand people and is a very good way of considering emotions, anxiety, mood, social skills and helped us build up a very complete picture of how the EPICure children were doing compared to their peers. The length of the interview depended on how much parents wanted to discuss but generally took 30 - 60 minutes, sometimes slightly longer for parents with many issues to discuss.