EPICure 1995

EPICure - The first study

Professor Kate Costeloe and Dr. Alan Gibson carried out the first phase of the study in 1995, helped by Sally Carne and Fiona Stacey. They were responsible for the original data collection and collating all the returns at one year of age. Joan Morris and Enid Hennessy were the study statisticians. Serono Laboratories UK Ltd funded this part of the study.

The first phase of the study involved every maternity unit in the UK and the Republic of Ireland – all 276 of them.  All deliveries between 20 and 25 weeks 6 days of gestation were recorded.  Once a baby was admitted for neonatal care a full record was completed so we had information on what happened after birth.

In the 10 months of 1995 from March 1 to Dec 31, 4004 births were registered.  Of these 811 were admitted for neonatal care and 314 were discharged home.  Survival ranged from 2 babies (9% of admissions) at 22 weeks, 26 babies (20%) at 23 week, 100 babies (34%) at 24 weeks, to 186 babies (52%) at 25 weeks.

We identified the proportions of babies who had evidence of injury on brain scan, chronic lung disease (CLD or sometimes called bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD)) and treated eye problems from retinopathy of prematurity and the factors associated with them.

All of the details are written up in a scientific article referenced here.  The findings are not described in any great detail here as we now have newer information form births in 1995 – EPICure2.

Survival rates in comparison to 2006 are shown in the graph in the section on survival.